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Norwich, UK

Steph Darrah Video Games Consultancy

Indie Publishing Consulting

            Funding Avenues
            Commercial Title Analysis and Forecasting
            Business Development and Networking
            Legal documents and Negotiations
            Production and Project Planning
            Online Retail and Lifecycle Planning

Teaching and Mentoring

Business, Career and Hiring Advice

Diversity Speaker

About me

An avid gamer and Video Games industry professional with years of experience in Indie Publishing, Pitching, Production, Mentoring, Career Advice and Diversity Advocacy.

  • Reviewed 1000+ pitches
  • In depth knowledge of the publishing process on PC and Console
  • Over 2 years experience mentoring
  • Worked with over 100 Publishers and Developers
  • Carer and Neurodiversity Advocate

Panels and Podcasts

  • GDC Pitch Panel 22
  • First Playable Panel 22 - The Fun in Funding
  • Playable Futures Podcast 22 - The Future of Indie
  • Safe in our World 22 - A Conversation with a Carer Panel
  • Games London 22 - Investors Q & A
  • Tiga Awards Judge 23

Steph is a mum and carer to two lovely sons, both with a passion for gaming, and one of whom has Autism.

Worked with

TIGA Safe in our World Swiss Arts Council Next Gen Gi22_AcademyLogo Games London


Gordon Bell - CTO Nosebleed Interactive
We have had the pleasure of knowing Steph since we appeared on a GI.biz podcast with her that was recorded at Gamescom '22. Since then she has become a firm 'friend of the studio', both socially at industry events, but also as a trusted pair of ears whenever we want to discuss game production with someone. We have shared our pitch documents with her regularly, both in an official capacity when she was with Playtonic, and less formally when we want informed feedback on our decks and demos.

Justin Cook - Designer Playtonic Ltd
During her time with Playtonic she was a key member of the publishing team, finding independent developers and negotiating publishing deals. She is excellent at starting conversations with new people and introducing the services that Playtonic had to offer. Playtonic successfully signed and published a number of games and gained a good reputation as a publisher through Stephanie’s work. Stephanie was a highly regarded member of Playtonic, she was a sociable and caring presence in the office. Her work was consistently high quality and she seemed able to turn her hand to anything that she was presented with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Katja Wolff - Whimsical Wolff Games
Steph is/was my mentor during the SheGotGame program, I am so grateful for her support and shared knowledge! I can only recommend working with her! She helped me prepare for GDC including pitching and talking to publishers and I ended up winning the Very Big Indie Pitch!